Daily Reading from Recovery Days May 8th by Chris B

Just for today

The AA Just for Today card gives us the right attitude for dealing with each day. It was written by a non-alcoholic in the 1920’s well before AA was conceived. Other fellowships such as NA, have similar cards. They demonstrate the importance of constant awareness that we carry within us the potential for great joy or relapse and disaster. The card  reinforces the wisdom that today is the only one that matters. For most of us, to live in the past would mean to be a different person and to live in the future is dying in slow motion. Will I remember to live just for today because today is always today?

When your goal is spiritual growth and not a specific point in time and place, then you know that your journey will last for your lifetime. The words ‘A Day at a Time’ then start to make more sense. Progress, not perfection, is the way to view our life in recovery. We will never receive a certificate of success. It is enough to be living our lives along spiritual principles. Today I ask God for the perseverance to live my new life, a day at a time.


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