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February 23 *

Remember Mindfulness – send positive thoughts

Emotional sobriety

Emotional Sobriety is the management of negative and potentially harmful emotions that pose a threat to a recovering person’s state of contented abstinence. Like it or not, most addicted people are sensitive and have learned in the past to manage their emotions in maladaptive fashion – usually resorting to addictive behaviour to help them cope with the pain of anger, grief, anxiety, rejection, and the like. The key to practising emotional sobriety is to learn to accept the pain of our emotions. We must step back and see the reality of each situation and tell ourselves that growth comes from experience, good or bad. Do I understand that running away from painful emotions is no longer a coping strategy?

Our pain and suffering can be a gift to others. Our response to emotional pain and the manner in which we deal with it, is something that helps not just ourselves but others who may be in the same situation. This connection between pain and recovery is one of many paradoxes that we come across. Today I ask God for the strength and understanding to manage my emotions.

Today I Will………………………………………………….

Recovery Days

February 7th

Real connection is a joining of hearts and minds as well as the physical contact of a handshake or a hug. So much of our modern world involves illusion – the face on TV, the social media friend, or the cheery avatar in Meta-land. Do not be fooled, the only real connections are traditional human contacts, warts and all. The Twelfth Step is all about connection but some of the earlier Steps deal with it too: Steps Five and Nine, for example. Do I fully understand that the only true connection comes from the sharing of heart, body, and mind in the real world?
St Paul said:
For now, we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then, fully – just as God knows me.
In other words, true connection only happens when we fully understand each other. And that goes not just for connection with other people, but with God as well. Today I ask God for the perseverance to make connections because without it, there cannot be love, kindness or true recovery.