Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 30th by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness close eyes briefly

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 29th by Chris B

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Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 25th by Chris B

Happy recovery

  • Make sure that we have addressed the past and made amends
  • We must do Steps Four to Seven
  • Stop worrying about the future and focus on today
  • Hand life’s daily problems over to a Higher Power.

Having shed these three burdens, we can try some new ideas:

  • Cultivate friendships, perhaps in the fellowships
  • Explore new interests
  • Discover the pleasure in helping others.

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 24th by Chris B

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 23rd by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness – enjoy the moment

Spiritual growth

The joy of living is a sometimes-unexpected bonus for many recovering addicted people. Feeling physically well is only a part of that. We realise that there is more pleasure in giving than in getting, that caring about other people is fulfilling, that friends are dependable, that Higher Power is real, that honesty brings peace of mind, that living a day at a time is manageable. When we look at the wreckage of our past and compare it to the calm simplicity of our life today, there is so much to be happy about and so much to be grateful for. Am I truly grateful for the way that my life has changed so much for the better?

I accept the good that surrounds me instead of searching for it, and I truly understand the meaning of spiritual growth. That is how my sobriety will turn into a happy recovery. I know that by surrendering my life to my Higher Power, I will find peace and contentment. Thus, my life will have true meaning and happiness. For that I am grateful. Today I ask God for spiritual growth that will continue for the rest of my life.

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 22nd by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness – close eyes briefly

Progress, not perfection

Active addiction leads to a form of soul sickness. People become a poor imitation of the person they once were. But on sobering up, they come to themselves, as they come to their senses. The addicted self is not the real self. To some extent we are dual personalities who need to become whole again. That means to regain our integrity. It will require courage, honesty and realism but with the help of our Higher Power, it can be done. Carl Jung said in his letter to Bill W: Alcoholism is a spiritual disease the basis of which is man’s yearning for wholeness. Am I ready to regain my true integrity?

Many of us sought for completeness and wholeness in our addiction, but no addictive behaviour can provide such a thing. We can only find meaning and purpose in life through a belief in a Higher Power and the knowledge that we are doing what is right. Perfection is not required, only steady progress. Today I ask that I will do my best in everything I attempt and that every choice that I make today will be the best for the recovery of others and of myself.

Today I Will……………………………………………………………………………..

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 21st by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness – send positive thoughts

Respect for others

Ordinary people don’t make a fuss about life – kids, work, school, stress, relationships, tiredness, kindness. The humdrum realities of life’s daily struggle require a special kind of dedication and commitment. Without belittling the amazing deeds of say, soldiers in combat, the single person raising a family on benefit while perhaps recovering from addiction will never receive a medal or a long service pension. Perhaps they will never be thanked or remembered except by the few whose lives they touched and made better, with an unsolicited act of kindness. Do I respect my fellow men and women and help them whenever I can?

Selfishness and a rampant ego make it extremely hard to perform unsolicited acts of kindness. They probably make it extremely hard as well, to really love someone. But if we cannot give love, how can we expect to receive it? Christianity teaches that to love is to suffer because the sublime feeling of love is inevitably going to make us unhappy, if only one day, by its absence. When a loved one suffers, we suffer too. And when a loved one recovers, we rejoice in that recovery. But to suffer in silence can be to offend a loved one. Love and suffering are connected. That is no bad thing. Today I will remember that love and suffering are connected.

Today I Will………………………………………………………………………………………….