Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 12th by Chris B

Honesty and integrity

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 11th by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness – enjoy the moment

Higher Power

How do I find the strength to quit? This is usually the first question that newcomers to the Twelve Steps ask. They see happy sober people, but they can’t understand the process. How did you get like that, what’s the secret? They then ask. As many of those in the fellowships know, there are four sources of strength:

  • The fellowships – their support and example
  • The sharing of experiences
  • The belief in help from a Higher Power
  • Working with other addicted people.

Daily Reading from Recovery Days April 9th by Chris B

Remember Mindfulness – sit comfortably

Step Four

When we consider integrity, we think of being true to ourselves, but what does this really mean? We expect to act in accordance with our beliefs, values, and principles but sometimes our thinking gets in the way, so that we act ‘out of character’, perhaps because we want to influence somebody, perhaps out of fear or just sheer confusion. Sometimes, people who have just sobered up have been so damaged by their addiction that they don’t know themselves at all and need to explore their personality. That, of course, is where Step Four is useful. For many in recovery, the chances of being true to themselves are slim until they tackle this Step. Am I ready to do a searching and fearless personal inventory?

If I have integrity, it will be recognised by others. Many people pretend to be what they are not, but they can be easy to see because they are often not consistent, believable or calm. Integrity gives us a quiet confidence and authority that comes with peace of mind. With integrity, we will be at ease with our Higher Power, secure in the knowledge that we have been managing our affairs in the right manner. Today I will seek to act according to my beliefs and values in all my affairs.

Daily Reading from Recovery Days March 30th by Chris B

  • Make connections
  • Take action
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Give.

It is easy to see that a Twelve Step programme would meet all these requirements. Do I fully understand the path to feeling better than well?

All five of the elements mentioned above require effort. They will not just happen unless we do something. A lot of us had been so trapped in our role of helpless victim that we are not good at taking action. But nothing changes if nothing changes, as they say in AA. We must ask for help. Today I give thanks to God for leading me to a contented recovery.

Today I Will………………………………………………………

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Remember Mindfulness – send positive thoughts

Hope in Recovery

There are said to be five stages of recovery

  • Loss and surrender
  • Awakening of hope
  • Taking stock of resources
  • Rebuilding
  • Personal growth.

This is what the Twelve Steps are about. When we take ownership of our illness and take responsibility for change, we start to see how change can happen by following these Steps. But at this moment, we also need hope. The most likely way of finding hope is through the example of others because God works through other people. Am I sure that I am a worthy example to anyone struggling and in need of hope?

Understanding the nature of my illness and gaining a true picture of what needs to be done about it, are the basis for a life of recovery. The inspiration to get to work on the programme comes from the knowledge that my Higher Power is at my side to help me, in the same way as others I see are being helped. Today I ask God for the vision to see what I need to do for my recovery and the strength to take action.

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* March 18 *

Remember Mindfulness – send positive thoughts

Response to challenge

Life is not easy. For a lot of people, it is just one challenge after another. Yet many seem to expect it to be smooth going and complain when it is not. Others try to avoid the challenges and seek the softer easier way, but life usually finds them out in the end. Some become addicted. We have all seen people who seem to stroll through life without difficulty as if possessed with magic powers. In fact, they are people who have a clear vision of the world and what they need to do about living in it with peace of mind. They have taken the necessary action. Simple in concept but hard to achieve without rigorous honesty, determination and high principles. Can I reject the softer, easier way?

People who truly live life well are always respected. They trigger in us a desire to be like them because we have a longing to live a good life and to do what is right. We may forget words, but we remember how people make us feel. That is why the power of example matters. Today I ask God that I may pursue with determination my desire to live my life in the very best way that I can.

Today I Will……………………………………………………